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Introducing the Devadara Super Application - Your comprehensive Sinhala dictionary with over 300k words curated by expert technical teams. We continuously update our database with new words and expand our platform to become the ultimate Sinhala word processing tool. Based in Sri Lanka, we are dedicated to researching and developing innovative cloud-based web solutions. Our dictionary not only covers English, Korean, Italian, and Japanese, but also provides detailed definitions in both Sinhala and English. Join us and experience the largest Sinhala dictionary on the internet.

Who is Devadara ?

Devadara, located in Sri Lanka, is a dynamic team specializing in research and innovative solutions. Since our establishment in 2019, we have been dedicated to creating cutting-edge web and mobile applications. Our focus extends to developing a range of web applications designed to address critical social issues within the Sri Lankan community.

Devadara Spelling Checker

Are you tired of making spelling mistakes in your Sinhala writing? Our Sinhala Online Spelling Checker is here to save the day! With our easy-to-use web application, you can now ensure impeccable spelling in your Sinhala content. From essays to emails, blog posts to social media updates

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