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Time Boss Pro

Time Boss Pro

This software serves as a versatile time management tool capable of performing a wide range of functions. It enables users to set time limits for their computer activities, gather usage statistics, display remaining time, and manage lists of both prohibited and permitted programs and websites.

Time Boss PRO offers the ability to administer computer usage for any user on a Windows local network, all from the convenience of a remote PC. This powerful tool grants complete control over the remote Time Boss control panel. If you need to manage Time Boss PRO on a child's computer over the internet, you can utilize the small, free program called Time Boss Cloud, compatible with both Windows and Android mobile devices.

Key Features:

- Time Boss Parental Control software boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, providing a wide array of adjustable tools with flexible settings.
- You can impose limitations even on a child with Administrator rights on their PC.
- Easily extend or reduce the remaining time allocation for the day.
- The Internet filter effectively blocks objectionable content on all websites, including those with secure communication protocols (https), such as Google.com and Facebook.com. It also supports web browsers' private browsing modes.
- Receive real-time event logs and computer activity screenshots directly to your email. Multiple monitor support is included.
- Secure your Windows session with a Time Boss password, with the default password being '123.'
- A single registered copy can be used on up to three PCs within your home.
- As a registered user, you'll receive free future software updates, and the license remains valid for two years from the date of purchase.


Time Boss Pro




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