Maxon's September 2023 Release: Revolutionizing the World of Visual Creativity|Cinema|Devadara
Maxon's September 2023 Release: Revolutionizing the World of Visual Creativity

Maxon's September 2023 Release: Revolutionizing the World of Visual Creativity

Cinema 4D 2024: Unmatched Speed and Performance

Cinema 4D 2024 leads the charge with its unprecedented speed and performance enhancements. Rigid Body Simulations can now interact seamlessly with various forces, including pyro, cloth, and soft bodies. The Pyro workflow has been refined, allowing artists to art-direct their simulations with precision. Notably, fire can now be emitted from particles and matrices, enabling the creation of stunning visual effects like fire, smoke trails, and explosions.

One of the standout features of Cinema 4D 2024 is its blazing speed, thanks to a new core optimization by Maxon. This release is more than twice as fast as its predecessors, providing artists with a smoother and more efficient workflow.

The addition of Rigid Body Simulations to Cinema 4D's Unified Simulation System allows solid objects to interact seamlessly with other simulation types, offering unparalleled creative possibilities.

Modeling tools in Cinema 4D 2024 have been enhanced with features like Select Pattern and Projection Deformer, simplifying complex tasks for artists.

The revamped Node UI, along with the new Notes feature, streamlines the node-based workflow by allowing artists to document their nodal network directly.

Red Giant 2024: Elevating Visual Effects

Red Giant's suite of tools, including Trapcode, Magic Bullet, VFX, and Universe, receives significant updates in this release.

Trapcode 2024 introduces the Combustion feature, adding realistic thermodynamic properties to simulations. It enables artists to create convincing pyrotechnics directly in After Effects, enhancing the overall realism of visual effects.

Stroke from Parent, a new emitter type option, offers seamless particle tracing behind a parent particle, enhancing creative possibilities.

VFX 2024 brings 2D+Distance, allowing artists to add dimension to their scenes by adjusting the light source's distance in Z-space. Light Control offers precise positioning and control of flares in 3D tracked scenes.

Magic Bullet 2024 offers over 30 new presets, simplifying color correction and allowing artists to explore creative possibilities.

Universe 2024 delights video editors and compositors with over 50 new presets, streamlining workflows and fueling creativity.


Redshift: Empowering Rendering

Redshift 3.5.19 brings improvements to the MatCap and Distorter shaders, enhancing rendering capabilities.

The MatCap shader now offers additional adjustment parameters for creating beautiful illustrative renders from digital sketches.

The Distorter node supports 3D distortion using Maxon Noise, expanding creative possibilities for surface effects.

Performance improvements for systems with 12 CPU threads or more ensure faster rendering on multi-core CPUs.

Basic Jitter Node support in Redshift for Blender enables quick variation of shader attributes across assets.


Maxon Capsules: A Treasure Trove for Subscribers

Maxon Capsules receives a substantial update with new assets for Maxon One subscribers. Highlights include:



Maxon's September 2023 release represents a significant leap forward in the world of digital content creation. With improvements to Cinema 4D, Red Giant's suite of tools, Redshift rendering, and the expansive Maxon Capsules library, artists have never had more powerful and creative tools at their disposal. This release empowers artists to push the boundaries of their imagination, bringing their visions to life like never before.

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