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Luminar Neo is a powerful photo editing tool

Luminar Neo is a powerful photo editing tool

Luminar Neo is a powerful photo editing tool 


Luminar Neo is a powerful photo editing tool that offers a wide range of AI-powered and core editing tools to help you achieve perfect results in your photo editing projects. Here's a breakdown of its key features:

AI Tools:

  1. Accent AI: Adjusts multiple controls, including shadows, highlights, contrast, and more, with a single slider for natural-looking enhancements.
  2. Relight AI: Fixes underexposed photos by adding light and providing full control over exposure adjustments.
  3. Sky AI: Replaces the sky in photos with a collection of high-quality sky options using AI, taking into account water reflections for a realistic result.
  4. Atmosphere AI: Adds atmospheric effects like fog, mist, or haze to your images with content-aware masking for maximum realism.
  5. Structure AI: Enhances image details and clarity while keeping human figures untouched.
  6. Supercontrast: Provides full control over tonal contrast with six AI controls for precise adjustments.
  7. Crop AI: Helps you crop photos like a professional by suggesting stronger compositions and perspectives based on training from talented photographers.
  8. Face AI: Enhances facial features and skin naturally using facial recognition technology.
  9. Skin AI: Retouches skin imperfections quickly and efficiently while maintaining a natural texture.
  10. Body AI: Adds or removes volume from a subject's torso and abdomen realistically.
  11. Portrait Bokeh AI: Simulates a dreamy bokeh effect in portrait images.
  12. Portrait Background Removal AI: Automatically separates subjects from the background, making it easier to change the background in creative portraits.


Main Capabilities:

  1. Catalog: Organize and store your photos in one place, with non-destructive edits to preserve original images.
  2. Presets: Explore a variety of 1-click effects and AI-powered Presets tailored to your images.
  3. Layers: Work with multiple images in a layers workflow, applying tools in any order with unique masks.


  1. Supersharp AI: Recover details from misfocused or blurred photos by analyzing depth and environment to stabilize affected areas.
  2. Noiseless AI: Reduce noise in photos while preserving details for a natural look.
  3. Upscale AI: Enlarge photos up to 600% while enhancing image resolution with AI.
  4. Background Removal AI: Automatically remove backgrounds and refine selections with a brush tool.
  5. HDR Merge: Combine up to 10 photos for HDR images with enhanced highlight and shadow details.
  6. Focus Stacking: Stack up to 100 photos with different focus points to create a sharp, detailed image.
  7. Magic Light: Add glow and control the intensity, size, and clarity of light sources in your photos.

Core Tools: Luminar Neo also provides over 20 core editing tools, including Erase, Sunrays, Glow, Dodge & Burn, Landscape enhancements, Details adjustments, Denoise, Color correction, Mood enhancements, Film Grain, Matte effects, Clone stamp, Black & White conversion, Vignette, High Key, Optics adjustments, and Light enhancements.

Luminar Neo is available as a standalone application and can also be used as a plugin for popular software like Photoshop, Lightroom, and Apple Photos, making it a versatile choice for photographers and digital artists.


It seems like you're interested in the landscape photo editing features of Luminar Neo. Here's a summary of some key features mentioned in the provided information:

1. EnhanceAI: Luminar Neo's EnhanceAI feature identifies and addresses common problems in landscape photos. It constructs a custom brightness map to intelligently balance both light and color throughout the entire image, resulting in improved image quality.

2. SkyAI: SkyAI gives you full control over the skies in your landscape images. You can make subtle adjustments to existing skies or replace them entirely. This feature helps make skies more vibrant and even relights the landscape to match the new sky.

3. AtmosphereAI: Luminar Neo's AtmosphereAI adds depth to your landscape photos by creating realistic atmospheric effects like fog. It uses a three-dimensional depth map to render effects that naturally follow the contours of the landscape and objects within it.

4. CompositionAI: CompositionAI is designed to help you achieve perfect frames in your landscape photos. It understands the principles of composition and applies them with a single click, ensuring your images adhere to the rules of composition.

These features make Luminar Neo a powerful tool for enhancing and perfecting landscape photos. It provides advanced AI-driven tools that can significantly improve the quality and impact of your landscape photography.

As for how to edit landscape photos using Luminar Neo, you would typically import your landscape images into the software, then use the various editing tools, including the ones mentioned above, to adjust and enhance your photos according to your creative vision.


Please note that the specific editing steps and techniques may vary depending on your preferences and the individual characteristics of your landscape images. Luminar Neo aims to simplify the editing process while offering advanced features to achieve stunning results in landscape photography.


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