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Omatsuri: Your Privacy-Respecting Festival of Applications

Omatsuri: Your Privacy-Respecting Festival of Applications

Omatsuri, which translates to "festival" from Japanese (お祭り), is not your ordinary collection of applications. It's a small festival of applications that prioritizes your privacy above all else. Here, you won't encounter pesky ads, and there are no intrusive analytics services. Omatsuri is all about simplicity, transparency, and utility.

Explore and Contribute

One of the key principles behind Omatsuri is open-source transparency. You are highly encouraged to delve into the source code of these applications and even use them in your own projects. This commitment to open-source philosophy ensures that you have full control and understanding of what these tools do.

Let's take a look at some of the remarkable applications featured in Omatsuri:


Triangle Generator 

Create CSS triangle styles effortlessly for elements and pseudo-elements. This tool simplifies the process of designing elements with triangular shapes, making your web design tasks a breeze.


Color Shades Generator 

Generate a spectrum of tints and shades for a given color. Whether you're fine-tuning your website's color scheme or designing graphics, this tool provides you with a palette of harmonious color variations.


Gradient Generator 

Craft stunning linear and radial CSS gradients with ease. Experiment with gradients to give your web pages that extra visual appeal.


Page Dividers 

Elevate your web page design with stylish dividers generated using CSS and SVG images. Enhance the structure and aesthetics of your web content effortlessly.


SVG Compressor 

Optimize your SVG images using the SVGO tool and even convert them into React components if needed. This tool streamlines the process of handling SVG images in your projects.



Transform SVG icons and illustrations into React components (or components for other libraries with JSX support). Save time and ensure scalability in your web applications.


Base64 Encoding 

Efficiently convert images or files into base64 format and generate the necessary styles for using them as background images. A handy utility for web developers.


Fake Data Generator 

Generate a wide variety of realistic fake data, including addresses, avatars, names, and phone numbers. Ideal for testing and prototyping.


Symbols Collection 

Access a comprehensive collection of commonly used HTML symbols, including arrows, marks, currency signs, and more. Simplify the process of adding symbols to your web content.


Lorem Ipsum 

Generate various types of Lorem Ipsum text to serve as placeholder content in your designs. Perfect for mocking up layouts and templates.


CSS Cursors 

Explore an extensive collection of CSS cursor property values. Easily enhance user interactions and customize cursors in your web applications.


Keyboard Events Codes 

Access JavaScript events keycode values for handling keyboard interactions in your web development projects. Simplify the implementation of keyboard functionality.


Omatsuri is more than just a collection of applications; it's a celebration of privacy-conscious, open-source tools designed to empower developers and designers. Join the festival, explore the applications, and contribute to the world of open-source software. Your journey to simplified, privacy-respecting development starts here.

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